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  • ""I had made an appointment for a Tuesday and decided to go a day earlier since my pain was that bad, I didn't call to move my appointment just walked in and they still were able to treat me. The front desk personnel was very patient, helped me with my paperwork, I was called to go in two seconds after I filled out my paperwork. The doctor came in immediately, he was very thorough but explained and answered all my questions. He adjusted me and that was an experience on it's own. He does hand adjustments and let me just say he is the best there is! I walked out of there feeling like a brand new person. Thank you Dr. Keith.""
    Joseph William- Monroe, NC
  • ""The staff here took really good care of me, Dr. Keith was so patient and attentive to all my symptoms. The front office girls were all very nice, and ALL biligual for anyone looking for a Spanish and English speaking facility! Highly highly recommend Dr Keith!""
    Rosa Bonilla- Monroe, NC
  • ""I was recommended by a friend to go to Keith Clinic of Chiropractic for
    Shoulder pain. As careful as I try to be when I go out, I somehow managed to dislocate my shoulder twice in the past 3 months - yes I know!
    Dr. Keith diagnosed me with chronic instability in my shoulders and quickly got to work to make sure I stop injuring myself
    Even from the first visit, I noticed a huge difference in the pain and felt much better afterwards! He really helped me to understand how the body works and that "resting" and icing isn't enough! I was hoping the pain would go away on its own if I went easy, but now I know it was a number of things that were making me more prone to this problem. I always hear about shoulder dislocations needing surgery and I'm really trying to avoid all that.
    Now I'm not only pain free and healthy, but Dr. Keith also made sure i know how to avoid re-injuring myself again with correct habits.""
    Dorothy Ricks- Indian Trail, NC
  • ""Dr. keith was really friendly and helpful with my session with him. He showed me a handful of exercises to strengthen my core, back, and glute to help improve my lower back and knee pain. I've only had one session with him because unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover the bill. However, Dr. Keith was really understanding and did remote follow up with me to check on my progress.
    I'm still doing the exercises he gave me and it's been helpful in strengthening my muscles. Will definitely come back for more sessions when I save up enough for the bills. Great place!""
    Roberta Holmes- Monroe, NC
  • ""I went to Dr. Keith to get my TMJ fixed that was caused by a major car accident. It was easy to make an appointment that fit my schedule and the office was easy to find. Dr. Keith was very patient and listened to what I needed. He was also very calm which made our conversations easy, whether it was an upcoming vacation or weekend plans.
    Each session was something to look forward to because I could feel my progress week to week. After a few months, my TMJ was treated and Dr. Keith saved me from long term pain. It's definitely worth it to save up for a session every 3-4 months. I spend a lot of time sitting and sometimes you just need someone to crack your back properly. If I could, I'd go every week!""
    Sandra Allard- Wingate, NC
  • ""Dr. Pittman is the best chiropractor around. Been working with him for years. He’s excellent at what he does extremely knowledgeable and very sweet and kind. The girls that work at the front desk are so nice and welcoming.""
    Tiffany Mangum- Monroe, NC
  • ""I have been going to different PT facilities for over 5 years and have finally found the one I am staying with! Service is exceptional. Staff is extraordinarily skilled and determined to give me relief from my back pain issues. They are hands on, intuitive, and i usually walk out feeling better.""
    Grace Nunez- Matthews, NC
  • "I am a very active person who enjoys cycling, fishing,skiing and hiking and chiropractic care is essential in helping me maintain such a healthy lifestyle. I have been coming to Dr. Pittman for spinal manipulations since 2002 and I recommend Keith Clinic of Chiropractic to anyone needing back care."
    Gordon S.- Indian Trail, NC
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Pittman's since 1997. He has always been helpful in helping me with my back pain. Dr. Pittman and his staff are caring and do their best to fit me into their schedule if I just walk-in. I recommend Keith Clinic of Chiropractic in Monroe for any one suffering from back pain. My dad and my son are also patients.
    We also buy Bio-freeze here."
    Wayne A.- Peachland, NC

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